Saturday, September 09, 2006

In The Beginning...


Welcome to our world. Welcome to our nightmare. Welcome to the SHB Revolution. Is this day significant? Probably not. Will it ever be? Time will tell. Make no bones about it children, this is the revolution. Are you tired of being complacent? The corporate rape of art in all its many forms? Having no voice and feeling powerless? And so on and so forth, the list goes on. We are too, you better believe it. The amount of shit that we have to put up with/accept as the norm these days is staggering to say the least. The SHB are aiming to help shape the future, because we are a part of it. You all are. We all have a voice in this world. Some of us choose to use that voice and speak out on matters important to us and others. Some do not. We are not of the latter. We choose to make a difference, even if that difference is small, it will hopefully be part of a greater movement. For now, let us set our goals a bit smaller than changing the world though. At the same time, lets make small steps toward that general area.

I bet your wondering how we're going to do that? We are too. At the moment though, we have our eyes set on Film, Podcasts, News and basically anything we deem to be within the element of the SHB. Seems pretty heavy doesn't it? Yeah, we came on a bit strong there. I always wanted to write something semi-inspiring like that, and while I'm not sure I achieved it, I'm content with it.

The SHB is an upstart production company NOT a terrorist organization :)
But we do encourage everyone involved to take what we said in the first
paragraph to heart, because that's where it came from people. Well that
and my increasingly sore fingers that are punching this in.

Good Luck & Good Night